ITMA ASIA+CITME2018  Timetable and Deadlines for Exhibitors


1 Application for Admission and Rental Contract for Stand Space, 19-Jun-17
  General Regulations and Index of Products issued  
  Invoice for 20% deposit issued to exhibitors for payment  
2 Deadline for Return of Application for Admission and Rental 28-Feb-18
  Contract for Stand Space   
3 Certificate of Admission issued to exhibitors 21-May-18
  Stand allocation notified to exhibitors   
  Catalogue entries issued to exhibitors for final checking  
  Technical Regulations and forms issued to exhibitors  
  Final invoice of 80% for stand rental and open side surcharges  
  issued to exhibitors  
  Operations Centre opens  
4 Payment of 80% balance of stand space rental and open side  25-Jun-18
  Latest request for Quotation for Special Technical Services   
  not covered under the Service Forms  
5 Quotation for special technical services to be provided to  2-Jul-18 *
  Deadline for Return of Service Forms and Stand Plans   
  Approved catalogue entries to be returned by exhibitors  
6 Stand plans, design and machinery layouts approved and  1-Aug-18 *
  returned to the exhibitors  
  Invoice for Services and double storey space issued to   
  exhibitors for immediate payment  
7 Stand build-up starts 0900 hours 8-Oct-18 *
8 Stand build-up ends 1800 hours 14-Oct-18 *
9 ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 Exhibition Period   15–19 October 2018 *
  Exhibitor Access to halls: 0815 - 1800 hours  
10 Visitor Opening Hours: 0900 hours to 1700 hours 15–18 October 2018 *
  Visitor Opening Hours: 0900 hours to 1600 hours 19-Oct-18 *
11 Stand dismantling starts 0900 hours 20-Oct-18 *
12 Stand dismantling ends 1600 hours 22-Oct-18 *

NOTE: Subject to change without prior notice.

*Updated as of 12 Feb 2018