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ITMA ASIA+CITME2020 Timetable and Deadlines for Exhibitors

01Application for Admission and Rental Contract for Stand Space, General Regulations and Index of Products issued. Invoice for 20% deposit issued to exhibitors for payment28 June 2019
02Deadline for Return of Application for Admission and Rental Contract for Stand Space 28 February 2020
03Certificate of Admission issued to exhibitors25 May 2020
Stand allocation notified to exhibitors 
Catalogue entries issued to exhibitors for final checking

Technical Regulations and forms issued to exhibitors

Final invoice of 80% for stand rental and open side surcharges issued to exhibitors
Operations Centre opens

Payment of 80% balance of stand space rental and open side surcharges26 June 2020
Latest request for Quotation for Special Technical Services not covered under the Service Forms

Quotation for special technical services to be provided to exhibitors3 July 2020
Deadline for Return of Service Forms and Stand Plans  
Approved catalogue entries to be returned by exhibitors
06Stand plans, design and machinery layouts approved and returned to the exhibitors3 August 2020

Invoice for Services and double storey space issued to exhibitors for immediate payment

07Stand build-up starts 0900 hours8 October 2020
08Stand build-up ends 1800 hours14 October 2020
09ITMA ASIA + CITME 2020 Exhibition Period 
Exhibitor Access to halls: 0815 - 1800 hours
15-19 October 2020
10Visitor Opening Hours: 0900 hours to 1700 hours15-18 October 2020
Visitor Opening Hours: 0900 hours to 1600 hours19 October 2020
11Stand dismantling starts 0900 hours20 October 2020
12Stand dismantling ends 1600 hours22 October 2020