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For questions relating to Technical Regulations and Service Forms, please contact the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 Operations Centre. Details are as follow:

Pico Creative Centre, Shunxing Road 3#, Shunyi District, Beijing 101300, China

Contact Name: Miss. Xue Yuqing (for enterprises in China's Mainland)

Tel.: +861089414356  

Fax: +861084847957

7 days x 24 hours service telephone number: +86 18210061902

Email: (for enterprises in China's Mainland)

Contact Name: Miss Luo Ting  (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & other countries)

Tel.: +861089414366  

Fax: +861084847957

7 days x 24 hours service telephone number: +86 15313121898                                        

  Email: (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & other countries)

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    Important Note:

1. Each form on the online system should be submitted separately, all the forms completed can not be together submitted through one click in the same time.

2. Exhibitors could revise the items in forms they submitted till the Operations Centre has issued the order confirmation or Invoice. Once the order confirmation or Invoice is issued, exhibitors will not be able to modify the relevant forms. For changes to previous order, exhibitors will have to contact the Operations Centre or TSP before any further changes can be made.